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GRN Storage Systems



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Delivery time 2-3 weeks - The product is produced on request


GRN HV-Box contain all you need to run a High Voltage storage system 

This system makes your high-voltage storage safe. It has an integrated isolation and self-test that checks all components when the battery is switched on and monitors the switch-on process including precharge. In addition, the battery housing is also checked for insulation - so that it is ensured that no life-threatening voltage is present on components when switched on.

All the GRN ecosystem components that you need to operate a storage system are installed and after software configuration ready to use.

Whats inside ?

  • GRN HV-Box fully wired
  • GRNbms MK2 incl. touch screen
  • GRNdistribution
  • GRNhvextension
  • High quality "TE" Positive and Negative Main Relay
  • High quality "TE" Precharge Relay
  • LEM CAB current sensor
  • TripShunt 
  • HV-breaker
  • Precharge resistor

What Batteries i can use ?

All what GRNbms ecosystem can handle 

Battery systems up to 500V can be operated with it

for more information, please contact us !

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