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GRN Storage Systems

GRNcmu Multi 8S & 12S - MEB plug&play

GRNcmu Multi 8S & 12S - MEB plug&play

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GRNcmu is the newest member of the GRN ecosystem.

Connect your MEB modules easily and safely with the original cell connector.


·        VAG MEB P&P version – connect MEB  8S & 12S Modules with OEM Cell tab

·        High End PCB design with Powerful Dual Core Processor

·        Easy to install – automatic cell detection and communication setup to the GRN can bus network

·        Resolution of 0.001V - high accuracy of 0.015 mV ± 0.004 %

·        1 – 12 S cell management – self sensing

·        1,5V – 4,5 V cell voltage range

·        passive balancing up to 1,3 A @ 4,5V

·        2 external temperature sensor inputs

·        All lithium chemistries – no limits on battery pack design

·        Support for low and high voltage systems

·        Easy expandable with GRN connector cables up to 50 GRNcmu and 900 cells

·        Firmware upgrades via GRN Can bus network

·        GRN Watchdog algorithm take care of your configuration

·        Benefit from the GRN product family and start your project


Technical Specs


Absolute maximum ratings:


Input Voltage                                9V – 14 Vdc
Input Current                                120 mA
Temperature Range:                     -20°C - +80°C
CAN Bus:                                       ±80V Fault Protection CAN V2.0B up to 1 Mbps
Battery pack voltage                     1,5V – 54V

Cell voltage accuracy                    0.015 mV ± 0.004 %

Balancing current                          1,3 A (@4.5V)

Temp sensor inputs                       2x 10K NTC

Max CMU in series                         50





 2 Port Size (W x H x D):            160mm x 120mm x 20mm

 4 Port Size (W x H x D):            270mm x 120mm x 20mm



Connector cables are not included !




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