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8S 6.85 KWh 30V LG Chem ID.3 (MEB) Battery Module

8S 6.85 KWh 30V LG Chem ID.3 (MEB) Battery Module

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Batteries with best quality on market, passed quality control of cell delta + capacity.


LG Chem ID.3 Module Specification

Part no. 0Z1 915 599
Capacity: 234 Ah
Nominal voltage  30,4V
Module Circuitry: 8S3P
Length 590mm
Width 225mm
Height 110mm
Weight 32kg
Terminal bolt size M6

Balancing current of the VW ID modules is very low, and only use about 100 mA of passive cell balancing. Higher currents will damage the cell tap wires in the modules or blow the internal fuse.

Charge voltage cut-off:

                 Cell = 4.15V
                 Module = 33.2V

Discharging cut-off:

                 Cell = 3,3V
                 Module = 26.4V

Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.): 800 Amps

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